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Consider the world we live in; Somewhere between brick, and mortar, our smart phone in our hand? Indecisively walking on the rails of the crazy train our conscientiousness  our thoughts our mental state of existence in our phone; in our own hand? We balance ourselves like walking a tight rope between webspace and the amazing 3 dimensional real place  we call home. For nearly all practical purposes however, we have already chosen to exist   in the middle and we adapt  to a world of perpetual change. A constant logarithmic pattern that increases with exponential thrust to a terminal velocity that is hardly realized and impossible to determine. Evolution of ideas being created, refined, redefined and updated at an astounding pace. An evolution that begun with what we call history, as man begun to keep record of things that would teach those who would follow. The foundation  of our  desire to move forward by the collection and study of information.  The very ability to collect, store and access the information quickly and easily is the magic ingredient by which all of the goods and services we consume are made, and then, made “better”


We spent the former century looking for answers through the use of microscopes and telescopes, somewhere along the way we realized the answers would be found by taking a huge step back and looking at the big picture our world as a whole. We have raced through the "information age" and are harvesting the fruits of this relatively brief period of time  and we now find ourselves  steeped in what I believe accurately defines our time as the “Use of Information” age. To which we have given several ambiguous names to try and describe this time by way of nonsensical titles; names like Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and IoT (Internet of Things) The latter, such a vast term, that it just a fancy way of saying "everything." It is a ridiculous term in some regards, and such a simple concept that understanding what it means can only be done so when you take that same step back and just allow yourself to come to terms with everything version 2.x is coming out tomorrow and the early beta version of everything 3 is already being used by half the world around us. We live in a world where nearly everything we do is not only touched by technology, it IS technology in a perpetual state of change, in a constant state of refinement.



Technological building blocks developed after WWII are the  foundation which are the result of incredible discoveries made in our life time . If you want a tangable discovery that by far, is the best example of one of these building bllocks the smple transistor is the poster child of this evolution. Refined and made almost subatomic they  are being used to as the blocks needed for tomorrow mornings coffee and inventions.



These changes can be exciting and helpful, but the lack of permanent-sense has eternally changed us and the way our brains work.  The evolution of ideas becoming reality happens so fast that we need not look at evolution as a historical study, but rather a series of light posts we catch a glimpse of as we race forward.



These changes are nearly always flawed or incomplete when introduced to the world. This is something that we, over time have gotten used to.  We have learned to tolerate the perpetual tech cycle of products and solutions as the world becomes automated. We compete with time, with ourselves with our desire to know everything there is to know.  To know where we are and to know where we are going with certainty, void of flaws perhaps someday.


As the data we have collected, and continue to collect about the world, about each other, about the way we live our lives is studied by the use of complex mathematical algorithms, creating accurate “assumptions” of human behavior, the root of AI, we accept the fact that we are giving Big Data permission to pick our brains.  Quite often, we do this without realizing we are. We are feeding information about who we are to organizations we know nothing about. Privacy itself has been redefined, watered down, sold the highest "per click" bidder.  The EULA you agreed to will even tell you so.


Even more we agree to and willingly hand out some of the most personal information about ourselves. But we do not stop there, we feed the machine intimate details about those closest to us. We all present private companies and public entities the details about colleagues, friends and family members without a thought about the ramifications it will have on them.


When you install that application; you know, the one that will only run if you agree to allow the publisher access to your address book, what did you just give them? What about when a colleague installs the application on their device, you know the coworker who keeps notes about individuals in his contact records, he just agreed to hand over everything he stored about you within that contact record. This is the unsettling truth and it does not matter if we are tricked into participating, or we are naive or we are the beneficiaries of the sub atomic particles of information being studied and packaged up for resale to the machine.  The fact is that it is impossible not to participate the genie is never going back in the bottle.


At the very least, your head is spinning right now.  I know mine is, so collectively we can candidly agree that misery loves a little company, and if this is misery, void of any underlying conspiracy, it ain’t so bad.  We have achieved a level of TechTolerance that allows us to tolerate  our lack of privacy and our place in line at the Kool-aid stand. Simply put, Techtolerance is reference point to keep our ships passing in the night or gathered up outside the apple store, safe in passage and learned to a point where we know reality is not virtual, and intelligence is far from artificial.  It is man-made and mankind is just getting started. Like record companies fighting to stop digital distribution of music.  We are kidding ourselves if we believe that boundaries and laws are going to direct our path through the use of information age.  We adapt and tolerate the evolution in real time, in Technicolor and in your dreams, where our reality can be found living comfortably, all be it in a glass house.





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