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This is a typical tract house in orange County.  An understated domicile that is a prime target for opportunistic crime because of the upper middle-class wealth and tangible assets that are consistent in a typical OC household. You cannot exist in the OC without a considerable amount of income or supply of wealth. The contrast of high-income class structure and the very average looking homes we live in is glaring.  A large amount of the housing supply in these areas was built in the 60’s and 70’s and most have been remodeled and upgraded considerably through the decades, the median price has exploded and the demand for these typical houses from that era keeps the supply wafer thin.


The ability to customize and renovate these single-family homes without the burden of approval from a home owners association not to mention the added value inherent in properties that are free from HOA fees or other taxes common in newly developed housing areas make this scarce supply of homes more attractive than ever.  This is no surprise individuals familiar with Orange County although it is hard to comprehend for people new to the area.

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