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Take a few moments and watch this clip. You will not be sorry you did.  You may even think like the old you again.  Look up!




If just feeling inspired by watching a video can make you start to feel human again, It gives us hope! The Internet has its purpose and communication is part of our society, but we cannot be "on" 24/7 and expect to do any good for anyone you can come back here but take a moment, if you have yet to do so and think about this "What have we done to ourselves"

Now you can help yourself to some pins in the Free Social Media is the Marketplace, and if you have a pin you would like to share with the world, email it to us at, and we will post it on this page and give you full credit, so make sure it is original, all of the pins below are here because the original owner made it clear that he or she was okay with their creations being given away for free.  So no money is changing hands, just complements. :-)

I I have to admit, i fought involvement in social media tooth and nail for no reason other than the desire to be a hold out on a seemingly gimmicky that had grown out of control. It was only when i decided to increase my web presence did i understand the power and importance of being a part of Social Media groups that are relevant to your industry.  It is a virtual trade show, shopping mall, water cooler and trade paper (with plenty of opinion pages) all rolled into one.  My advice is to embrace this cultural change and realize the permanent sense that it brings.  This is your biggest alley in business, period.  There is no other method that comes close to getting your message out in front of the correct audience. We can teach you specifically how to tap into the markets and enjoy the success that a huge yet targeted audience will bring your business. more.

Social Media Button Collection (a subculture of the new market place down to the design of the logos)

I cannot take credit for anything but collecting these, all are designated by the designers as free for private use, so enjoy!

Enhance your Blog, website and emails with unique social media buttons, hundreds will be added so check back soon