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Project Summary: (Three objectives)


• Secure Robust Network Structure


To create a secure encrypted wired and wireless network with the ability to support a reliable, affordable and functionally relevant security and surveillance system without compromising features, without being tied to a third-party cloud-based provider with monthly fees or EULA provisions giving others access to your private information.


• SMART Network Adaptation


To have the new “smart” network allow for the easy addition of home automation devices in a simple and user-friendly manner removing the limitations of the existing network at the home or business. Allowing for secure remote access and control of the network and all IoT devices with an emphasis on security and privacy without frustration caused by antiquated complex-password based access.


• FUTURE PROOF Network understanding the importance


To future-proof the system to allow inclusion of new technologies as the exponential growth of ideas brings new technology to the market once these new items are vetted and relabel. Allowing for a simple intuitive end user experience.  Using technology to simplify the products, protectively incorporating AI to remove unneeded training and feature dumping confusion.


Concept, Planning and Practice


Using your existing Internet access (cable, fiber, copper or microwave relay) as a platform, Brooks ePC begins by implementing a secure, intelligent network with smart switching technology and virtual LAN access. This design will expand your ability to use Internet services removing limitations often put in place by your own ISP and governed by their collection of personal data about you and your family’s network usage and behavior. All data in and out of the network at that point will adhere to the standards of the ISP, adding no overhead or additional traffic bottlenecks, but will remove their ability to “see” what you are doing on your computers.  This is a simple right of privacy issue and the philosophy of only providing the personal information about you that you agree to from your Internet Service Provider to the websites you frequent.


The network management is handled by a Smart Switch or multi-level gateway which manages the wired and wireless devices including any additional Access points.  The APs work together to provide single network throughout the structure using long-range secure high speed MIMO technology. The Smart switch provides connectivity to the Access points along with power (POE) to allow the devices to run.


Creating a self-managed secure, private single point of management for home automation by incorporating a simple low cost  personal media server:

It is wise to consider installing a media server which will allow the end user to manage all network devices and store video archives of security events, personal home video’s and movies, on-line provided media content and centralized access to the files through any existing home automation device.  It will also manage the interconnectivity between devices and handle the vendors management applications for any provider of IOT devices.  The media server can be provided and installed by Brooks ePC.  The entire media server is small enough to be out of site and is designed to run on very low current with no noisy fans or special environmental requirements.


End users will be provided remote access tools so the media server itself does not require a keyboard, mouse or display.  The user interface is simple and access is obtained through any common web browser by navigating to a pre-configured website that only YOU have access to.  The websites accessed and navigated through like any internet site you have used but the site is actually in your LAN in the media server behind your firewall and protected from external access. Video Surveillance System, private media library, other home automation controls and user management are all installed and accessed through tis single device. The tools  as well as the network  is ReoLink Based and the primary management node for all Reolink Devices also resides on the media server.  This will allow a single point of management for all cameras and security devices with detailed functionality that is not present on the smart phone or mac version of the management interface.  All features of the cameras can be accessed on the ReoLink PC app including several that are not available on the smaller interface tools.

The Reolink system allows for multiple smart phones to have access to each device in real time or do view alarms and events it has recorded.  It will also allow for two way audio communication from the smart phone app. It is important to keep your camera, NVR and network passwords private and if you feel this information has been compromised it is wise to change it immediately.  Only you should have access to the network devices.


The Reolink devices are accessible from within the local area network or from anywhere you have access to the Internet.  You can view and manage your security devices from anywhere in the world.


The triggered alarm data is initially stored on the camera devices themselves, as they are IP based devices and have full management and processing capabilities as stand alone devices. Used in conjunction with the Reolink app and set up with the proper parameters, you may choose to store data locally on the NAS provided with your system and/or automatically email the data to email addresses in real time as your system parameters are set to do.  For example, you can have the cameras facing your front door set to alert you every time there is motion near the front door or sound.  That alert will be sent to your smart phone along with snapshots of the situation.


The server closet has the hardware used to install and manage all of these devices.  There is a Intel Based Windows 10 64 bit SSD Mini Media Server where the applications are running and where the primary Unifi and Reolink interface software resides.  There is a keyboard monitor and mouse directly connected to this media server along with a 12TB NAS for network data collection including surveillance video but the data server NAS has capabilities far beyond simple storage, and can be used as a media server for other applications in the house  related to IoT devices.



The smart switch is also In the network closet.

All of these devices can be accessed using a computer other than the one n the server closet.  A remote desktop link has been created to allow you to manage everything from a MacBook or PC.  The Smartphone’s capacities are limited to some of the more advanced features of the system.

The remote access management portal will be installed on a computer for your use.

The media server itself runs on the latest Windows 10 Professional Platform on SSD Drives and is protected by FortiGate Virus, malware, intrusion and web browsing protection.  Fortinet will update itself and run real time scans without user intervention.

The system is set up to allow any reasonable connection to the network from anywhere inside or directly around the house.  The three Access points were installed in locations to optimize this coverage although the structure design on the house made it difficult to run CAT6 wire directly to the Aps we were able to do so instead of setting them up in a bridged mode.  This wired AP installation creates the optimum network coverage and bandwidth and, when used in conjunction with the Unify smart switch, the end user device is carefully and accurately controlled by your AP network making changes as more devices are added or the location of the devices change.

 needed to support various IoT devices thought the home and parameter beginning with wired and wireless security cameras, enterprise-class access points, and a central “server” area to cross connect the items installed and to support any additional IoT technology added in the future



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Continue Tour IoT Home Automation; the time to push forward is here.
Continue Tour IoT Home Automation; the time to push forward is here.