Where does all of your money allocated to voice and data services go? Learn a bit about us, or you can tell us about your needs, fast track the info here

When was the last time you had and interdependent review of your  data and voice network  systems?

Are you getting the most out of this ever increasing cost category your organization incurs?


Let us help you make sure. A comprehensive network analysis is long overdue and can best be performed by an organization with no predetermined ties to the way you run your company.  Our Consulting Reviews are performed without intervention in your day to day business and will provide you with the following tools to use moving forward:


  • Needs analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Contractual obligations
  • Validity of recurring costs, possible recovery of over billing or incorrect billing for recurring services
  • Network Security, Firewall, Server, endpoint and remote access security evaluation.
  • Recommended changes, assistance in the most cost effective product life cycle changes for your business.
  • Recommended upgrades - the reality of upgrades, often well worth the pain of change, often not a wise choice.
  • In-house services vs. cloud based solutions - is it really less expensive to outsource?
  • ROI for customized systems -  Customized software solutions can often become a black hole. Be careful.
  • Planning for the future - What will the world be like in five years?  Where will your company be in five years?


We sincerely believe we can help you with your current network expenses and give you the tools to make truly informed decisions in the future. If you would like us to contact you please do so through this portal.  CONTINUE


To lease or to purchase?  The question that you probably answered in the 90's and have kept down that road ever since, Does it make more sense to lease a car or to purchase a car?  The answer is obviously subject to an individual's circumstances.  There is no right or wrong answer, as long as you decide to drive the right car.  The right car is the tough choice.


With email, our primary means of business communication, there really is only one right "car" although some would argue this point, In overall functionality, flexibility, compatibility just about every company in the United States relies on Microsoft Exchange for their email needs..  Exchange is far from perfect, but it works.  it works well, it works fast, it will work on browsers, phones, OSX, iOS, Android, Windows, Linus, web-only access. it can encrypt, decipher, it can be in the cloud, it can be in your server room, it can be redundant, it can do hundreds of things that most of use do not even realize.


People do, however, realize what they are missing when their employer decides to move away from exchange.


So for the purposes of this program we know that many of you find yourself at a crossroad; Do i keep/upgrade my on site Exchange server or do I take what is behind door number 2, Microsoft's Hosted Exchange 365 cloud service?


Here are some questions to ask yourself which will assist you in making that decision.  When the time comes to decide, we can be there to help you,


1.    Do you have reliable WAN service at your business?  Is the upstream speed limited at a less than adequate speed?

2.   Do you have a backup plan in place to cover on-site outages?

3.   Are you considering MS365 because it will be easier to deal with?

4.   Do you feel like the pricing structure will stay consistent over the next five years?

5.   Does the thought of your Company's information being stored by someone other than you make 365 seem line a bad idea?

6.   Do you worry about the lack of control you may have if you migrated to 365

7.   Do you feel like a large monthly revenue stream is the primary reason Microsoft is pushing customers to migrate to 365?

8.   Has the past four months been an absolute nightmare with all of the changes and upgrades to deal with, and 365 seems line t the right thing to do?

8.   Does the word Auto-discover elude your current IT tech and since auto-discover is vital to Exchange management, your hand is bing forced?


Eight is enough!  I could probably think of eighty questions you keep asking yourself and they are all very valid questions.  The fact is that the answer is not going to be the same for everyone.  But the facts are important to know when deciding.


We can help you decide.  We can help you migrate, We can help you keep your Exchange server running with all the bells and whistles  available on 365.  So whatever you do, make an informed decision, because if you plan on being in business for the foreseeable future, you really do want to get this one right.


For more information feel free to contact us below.


In order to recommend the right solutions for a customer, a consulting firm needs to know the market they serve.  Though it is true that everyone relies on technology to do business, Orange County is like no where else in the country.  We do not do business the way it is done in New York just because someone decided New York was the trend setter.  If there were a sister county to compare us to it would be Northern California's "Silicone Valley."  We are a collection of cities each with its own personality, some are Beach cities, some are county seats with rich histories and unique qualities.  Our strength is born of the wide range of people and interests that can be so different yet exist in unequaled harmony.  We do not give much value to what the rest of the country thinks of us, We have problems like all metropolitan areas do.  But we solve those problems without being told to do so.  We are givers, not takers, supplying much of the tax base for the rest of the state.  We have no problem considering ourselves a member of the county, and take pride in the OC independent of the way we view the state.


Orange County, with the unofficial center of the OC Biz world is a home to the leaders in "Action Sports" companies, and the organizations who support them.  A city where Entrepreneurship is embraced yet can coexist with some of the worlds largest organizations.


Orange county is a huge consumer of leading edge technology, but we do not pretend to be the inventors of the technology.  We are clearly one of the communities that would be considered an early adapter, and therefore the Silicone Valley depends on  the OC to vet the products that are developed up north.  This is where the need for strong consulting becomes a necessity.  With vendors who's mission it is to have bleeding edge technology cut its teeth on the perceived deep pockets of the OC, the truth is our pockets are only deep because we remain vigilant in our decision making.  If an idea is good enough to survive and strive, it will do so in the OC, but if it is weak and under performs, we will not tolerate it.


As a technology consultant this puts a lot of weight on our shoulders and takes the heavy lifting off the shoulders of the rest of the country.  Brooksnetwoks knows this and realizes that the customers we represent are constantly being asked to fund the early release of new products.  This was once called Beta Testing, but has slipped into production releases of products that are quite often not ready for release.  Giants in the industry who have defined how our brain navigates the Graphical User Interface have been the cornerstone of our economy.  During the calendar year of 2016 we have seen these companies make some significant strides forward, but much of what we have observed, as expected, is a year long fix of the blunders of the past two years. Spending a couple years taking a step back to move a step forward.  A step forward that many would argue has brought nothing new to the table.  From the end user experience this is in a large part true, but under the hood we are seeing a new foundation, and new building blocks to build the next generation of hardware and software that is much more than a few more features or the chaining of icons.  The Giants of the industry are racing to the future building Augmented and Virtual Reality into our everyday worlds, and Artificial Intelligence to find purpose for the elaborate multimedia presentation beyond our imagination,


We are not manufacturers, we do not mass produce much of anything except food and intellectual property.  The world is invented and reinvented every day in the labs, universities and workshops of this country.  It will never be easy, if it was, everyone would do it.  But our willingness to fail makes us more successful.  We should all take the training wheels off of our lives,  scrape a knee now and then; it only stings for a moment.



BrooksNetworks Driving TechTolerance TM