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The need for LightningRender's parallel processingGPU-based hardware technology is something that has rapidly become the foundation for creating digital media in a faster, efficient and more cost effective manner. It is a vehicle by which to deliver interactive media. Immersion into a space that is virtual or augmented (VR and AR) instead of viewing the digitized media through the means by which we are accustom to. The goal is not simply to achieve a more realistic presentation.  It is a smarter, adaptive, way in which we will unlock the secrets of the real world we live in. Artificial Intelligence may seem like science fiction, or like a portal into a world depicted in movies and television where humans are eventually ruled by machines, but those fears and ideals should be set on the bookshelf next to the clever scifi  works of George Orwell and H.G. Wells.


The "Reality" of AI is smarter devices which will allow the brilliant minds of today begin to solve the problems that face the world. The benefit of software developed  on a platform designed by programmers to perpetually analyze the results of a programmatic operation and make refinements to the code as data is compiled and persistently analyzed without human intervention every step of the way.  Those refinements will allow researchers a faster path to the answers.  The answers to perfecting smart cars, or avoiding disease, curing the incurable, accurately informing us of deadly storms, weather patterns and seismic activity with precision.  Ultimately helping those who are now helpless.


Science, Technology and Medicine are all connected.  The human condition deserves a better understanding.  The bases for all that is and all that will be, comes from HUMAN innovation though. AI is the next building block WE have progressed to.  Like any other tool in use today, from a farmer's combine to the super-computers we use to study the world we live in.  AI is not artificial at all. It is technological innovation and part of our intellectual evolution.


We are encouraged by the open source approach of projects like Google's  TensorFlow Face-book and NVidia's massive open source efforts behind BigSur.  The collaboration between the "Who's Who" in the world of technology and anyone who would like to be a part of this development effort can be found in projects like Torch.  Even more can be found in the largest world's largest open source community GitHub.


Inclusion of AI into our plans fits perfectly into our parallel processing clusters. With massive computing power needed for our customer's.  With this foundation we have leaped forward to provide resources for countless practical applications far above the front end user experience and immersion technology, technological adaptation. LR technology built to embrace the known and building blocks for the unknown.


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