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Doing what it takes to balance your company's need to exist in technological world of perpetual change.

A quick word about our website:

Our website provides two primary functions, one really important one and the second, not so much.




Serving as a portal and a request queue for remote support or onsite service is the purpose this website serves.  As a customer, you can request a service call, we can provide remote support and you can take care of other customer/vendor issues like reviewing a managed service or requesting changes to the services we provide for you as an existing customer.


This website is also available for individuals and small businesses who need technical support for network issues, workstation requests, cloud services and security services.




The secondary reason for our website is probably easy to guess, if you look around, it is a mix of art, music, humor, links to interesting sites and a place where we try new ideas and in that reguard not take ourselves so seriously.


Network infrastructure security and design are serious enough and you can get to a support request page from just about anywhere, if you get lost in this maze.  If you need help, it is right here


A Bit about Brooks ePC (Brooksnetworks)

Our purpose is to provide IT Consulting and managed services to keep your business running, using technology that will future proof your efforts by helping you make the right decisions when it comes to your digital world.



  • The company was created to fill the needs of a tech-hungry community that had been under served when compared to our State's hot-bed of IT development in the Northern part of our state.  Like so many other thriving So Cal industries, the Bay Area seemed to come first, when so many successful companies and a growing population proved to out pace No Cal in so many ways, yet the state representation 's geographical center seemed to govern the importance of tech development as private organizations followed suit and made the Bay Area their home.
  • Meanwhile a tech-savoy population and a tech hungry business climate created a void that needed to be filled locally and with the rapid increase in tech-related infrastructure the need to service companies IT needs became urgent.
  • The desirable climate, and diverse communities of So Cal made it impossible to ignore the potential and the innovation that continues to create so many opportunities outside of the silicone valley where we have continued to serve small business IT needs.
  • The principals at Brooksnetworks (Brooks ePC) have been a part of the building and maintenance of small business networks in So Cal for 25 years and have been an independent entity since 2002.
  • In a word, we help you and your company navigate the never ending line of new technology, assist you in coping with the persistent change through TechTolerance, and help  you decide if these "Things" are going to be helpful to your endeavors.
  • Security for our customer's networks
  • Consulting and decision assistance with Integrity and honesty  for the people those networks serve.
  • Long term customer relationships built on a foundation of practical experience and knowledge.
  • Experts, in small business networking, cloud services
  • Emphasis on ROI and functionality for IT Solutions
  • Real world focus on IoT including automation and the use of AI to assist your company's growth and relevance.
  • However, this is our website, and we are an organization based in So Cal and we remain focused on the unique business climate, the relationships to amazing sports, music, and entertainment industries along with the beach lifestyle and everything  that is wonderful about working and playing in So Cal, so we invite you to enjoy some of the fun things we are privileged enough to be a part of in our community. HERE


With three decades of practical experience supporting the voice and data needs of small businesses in So Cal, and now in our seventeenth year as an independent small  business ourselves, we make sure our customers are never caught with their guard down.  The perpetual learning curve is a circle, never ending.  We take pride in everything we do.  We take ownership of our responsibilities to customers.  We truly appreciate the business and we plan on being here with the same integrity and transparency that made us who we are.