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Dear Brooks ePC customers.


Please make use of our Trouble Ticket system to expedite our response to your needs.  We value our long time existing customers and we want you to know that our system is designed to cater to the people we already do business with.  Of course we like to take on new challenges and expand our customer base, but YOU come first and our Trouble Ticket system is not designed to create a long queue or to create a chargeable item out of a simple question you may have. It is a tool that allows us to focus on our work at hand without missing your requests when we are working on a project. When we are at your office solving a complex issue, we do not stop to answer every text or call that comes in.  We must give your issue the attention it deserves.  This holds true for all of our valued customers, so the front end automation, if used by our customers, will allow us to make better use of our time, and solve your issues faster and quicker.  For more reasons and a detailed explanation of the system feel free to read below.

The price you pay to avoid the cost of staying current with technology will eventually erode your competitive edge.  SPENDING time wisely is a recipe for success.  The  biggest non-personnel decision you make for your organization is how to use new technology, when to use new technology and where to find the balance between the cost of change and the cost of antiquity.  These are not easy decisions to make and they are not the same for everyone.  Spending time on consulting and allowing a professional lay out your options should be a part of your business plan.  This plan should be reviewed and modified about every eighteen months.  Their cost of knowledgeable IT consulting will help you spend the dollars you need to maximize the consumption of technology.  Even if your organization is staffed by a skilled, trusted, knowledgeable IT staff or contracted managed service provider, another set of eyes should be welcomed, and should not make your providers feel threatened.  Everybody wins when information is shared in a transparent and fair way.

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Login or Create A Trouble Ticket
Login or Create A Trouble Ticket