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  If you are not at home right now and you cannot look at your phone and view what is happening at your front door, you are missing out on one of the simplest most affordable way to gain peace of mind that has ever been possible.


In a world where technology has caused more grief than imaginable, Where social media and opinions are psychological pathogens we ingest and allow our children to ingest every day.


These instruments of technology that promised to make our worlds simpler but have done the exact opposite have given birth to one really positive perspective to our lives.  For a few hundred dollars you can have the ability to see who and what is going on at your home when you are not there, or outside your home when you are inside.


Our job as technology specialists comes with a uncomfortable reality for much of the tasks we fine tune for our customers.  The art of keeping busier and busier has been refined persistently over the past decade and some change and it is not always a healthy interaction.


This, however is something that is worth every penny of the peace of mind it will bring.


This, like most technological items that have become part of our lives can be installed and fine tuned by yourself. The DIY world is fun and advantageous to many people.  However like putting in a new hot water heater or painting the outside of your house, just because you can do it yourself, does not mean it is the best solution.  Have a professional trustworthy installer handle it for you, Do it once do it right and own that peace of mind.


With all technology, there are potential issues that we face, none bigger than the infringement on our personal space and data collection about who we are.  From social medial to search engine results, there is a digital image of who we are that is being fine tuned with every moment we are in arms reach of our little computers, (smart phones) and it is true that having video of your home held and processed by a third party which will gladly hold this information for you for "free" has a few words in the EULA that are probably going to make you feel uncomfortable if you spend a few moments reading and processing this clause.


So with this fantastic ability to keep an eye on your home comes a really high price if we are not careful. We believe that this information is as private as anything we use the Internet for.  We provide solutions that keep your data in your control, shared with nobody, sold to no third party.  This is important and this is at odds with the surveillance benefit of most "nanny cam" solutions that are peddled to the masses.


Think about this and when you do secure your home. Keep the right to keep your private pictures.  We provide solutions that are based on this important belief.  Use the form below to request information or a quote.

TechTolerance TM